Blackmagic Cinema Camera Post Work-Flow


Brian Hallett from ProVideoCoalition breaks down his BMCC post production workflow using Adobe Lightroom. Here’s more from Brian:

You bought the BMCC… You’ve been shooting ProRes or DNxHD… and now you want to harness the full potential of the camera.  2.5K… raw.  The problem… you’re computer isn’t exactly up to the suggested specs to run DaVinci Resolve.

I have the exact same problem.  My computer is a 2011 MacBook Pro.  It was the first to have Thunderbolt.  4 GB of ram.  2.0 quad core.  It easily runs Avid Media composer, Motion, and just enough GPU to run Resolve.  When I say “just enough” the software plays the 2.5K at the blazing speed of 1 fps.  Not exactly the editing powerhouse, but it gets the job done… it just takes a bit longer.

What this means when I color correct or grade?  I can be a little limited in my choices.  Mainly, I have to wait more than a few seconds to see any changes.  I wanted to work faster and to see what I was doing in real time.  It helps me creatively if I am able to work as fast as I can think.  Not a problem if your computer has more strength to wrestle with Resolve than mine.  Don’t get me wrong… I’d prefer to use Resolve over Lightroom


For me to work quickly I decided to give Adobe Lightroom a try.  Like most cameramen, I have a DSLR.  I use it for time-lapses and photography which means I have experience with the software.  Lots of experience.  Lightroom has very similar tools to Resolve, a bit less options though, and more importantly it can batch process those Cinema DNGs.  It takes planning, and a strict discipline to only shoot the shot and not hunt and peck.  Actually, you shouldn’t hunt and peck on camera anyway… amateurs and home video shooters hunt and peck.  You’re better than that.

Back to the BMCC workflow in Lightroom.  Think about it: noise reduction, white balance setting, and exposure/color tools… but it’s for still images so none of the great tracking tools from Resolve.  Also, Resolve has more tools with more specific functions, which I’m sure I would love if I could use them in real time.

I Work 4 You “Lisa” from Brian Hallett on Vimeo.

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