From PVC: First Look: The 4K Blackmagic Production Camera

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This is an awesome first look review of the Blackmagic 4K from Brian Hallett of 

4K For Everyone?

By Brian Hallett | March 10, 2014

Blackmagic’s New 4K Production Camera is here and I have been shooting with it as soon as I could rip the box open. If you’ve had time to shoot on any of Blackmagic’s cameras then this camera has a few pleasant surprises in store for you.



What’s amazing to me is this: $3,000.00 for this camera.  That is so inexpensive and makes the 4K Production Camera an instant contender for a lot of people looking to move to 4K.  The price + the specs alone, that’s enough for quite a few shooters to buy. Think about it: ProRes 422 in 4K and 1080, Loss less compressing coming via firmware, sometime soon, and a Global Shutter.  The next camera that is even close is more than twice the cost, or the GH4 with MFT sized sensor which does not have a global shutter or a S35mm sized sensor.

Ergonomics?  Like it or not, If you have used the Blackmagic Cinema Camera then you can pick up the 4K Production Camera and start shooting immediately.  It has an identical camera body as the Cinema Camera.  It, also, has an identical menu structure.  I’ve been shooting on the Cinema Camera for nearly a year and all of my accessories work on the Production Camera as well as they do on the Cinema Camera.  Actually, the Production Camera recognized my Canon 28mm F1.8 which the Cinema Camera does not… a nice bonus.

The 4K image is, to me, fantastic.  The color and the resolution is everything I was expecting and then some.  There is no Aliasing or Moire.  The 4K files?  Large.  I wondered, will one be able to play the clips on a MacBook Pro.   Thankfully, my MacBook Pro easily played the 4K ProRes 422 files.  My computer is a less than spectacular piece of hardware so trust me, if the 4K footage plays on my MacBook it’ll likely play on your computer too.  Technical note, I was playing the footage off the SSD cards via thunderbolt.

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