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Blackmagic Design Firmware Update, Live Seminar Coming to New York

Yesterday we attended Blackmagic Design’s live seminar in Los Angeles and it was, in a word, amazing. Between the wonderful presenters and the quality of the manufacturers in attendance it was an excellent place to learn about Blackmagic products and how they work within the industry. The attendees were also some of the best we’ve met at any trade show, and we really enjoyed speaking with a lot of new people that were right in our own back yard.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Used On ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’

The sequel to everyone’s favorite natural disaster/shark attack movie mash up, ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’ utilized the Blackmagic Cinema Camera as its B camera.

Director by Anthony C. Ferrante describes the appeal of the BMCC on their shoot: “The Blackmagic camera was really great because it was lightweight and produced amazing images. We could grab and go with it for quick inserts and shooting spur of the moment shots, while knowing that we would always get high quality images we could work with. It gave us images that had real sharpness and clarity and helped get additional elements needed to theVFX guys for some of the complicated shots in the film.”

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Post Work-Flow


Brian Hallett from ProVideoCoalition breaks down his BMCC post production workflow using Adobe Lightroom.

Blackmagic Design Announces New Low Price for Blackmagic Cinema Camera!

BMCC is now $1995.00


Not only is the Blackmagic Cinema Camera shipping…but it’s shipping at a discount.  According to their press release dated August 2, 2013, it’s a permanent discount making the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF retail at:  $1,995.

Only 3 Days Left Before ‘Hero Punk’ Kickstarter Campaign Ends


hero punk kick Not long ago we pointed out that Hero Punk, the first feature to be completely shot on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, launched a Kickstarter to help fund the rest of the movie. Well now the campaign has only three days left to go, and is about $10,000 off its goal of $28,500.

NAB 2013: The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Blackmagic’s Tiny Titan

When I talked about Blackmagic Design’s first new camera, the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, I also mentioned the real “show shocker” of NAB: the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema

NAB 2013: The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, Blackmagic’s 4K King

Surprises abound when you’re dealing with Blackmagic Design. It seems they’ve developed a new role for themselves, that of the secret keeper.

Hero Punk Kickstarter Now Live


kanen kickstarter

A little while back we talked about a great sci-fi film called ‘Hero Punk’ that was the first feature film shot on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. We recently spoke with the writer/director, Kanen Flowers, and learned of two more things: he’s even nicer in person than he is over the phone, and ‘Hero Punk’ just launched its Kickstarter campaign.

Freytag Film Reviews Blackmagic’s UltraStudio Mini Monitor


Blackmagic’s UltraStudio Mini Monitor is a very cool, very small device that uses the new Thunderbolt connection that’s becoming more and more popular these days.

‘Hero Punk’ Shot With Blackmagic Cinema Camera


It’s exciting, the prospects of a new camera. There’s always something new to look forward to, whether it’s new gear, new users, etc. But one of the most exciting is when one of these new cameras is used for an actual feature.