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Get Longer Recording Times with Blackmagic Design’s New Firmware for All Cameras

Blackmagic Design announced a new firmware release for all of their cameras including the Pocket Cinema Camera, the Cinema Camera and the Cinema Camera 4k.  This new firmware adds three new Apple ProRes™ file formats for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and Blackmagic Production Camera 4K.

Attention Blackmagic Camera Owners: New Firmware Update 1.8

Today, Blackmagic Design announced the release of new camera firmware, Version 1.8.  The new firmware is massive and will provide enhanced lens control support for EF lenses, better peaking, better audio performance and a new interface for all cameras.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.01.38 PM

Here are some of the new features in Version 1.8

  • New code base for all Blackmagic cameras
  • RAW DNG support on the Production Camera 4K
  • New debayer
  • Enhanced lens control support for EF, giving auto focus when pushing focus button on active EF lenses
  • Improved focus peaking (which is now green in color to see easier)
  • Improved audio performance
  • Enhancements to Cinema Cameras when shooting at 1600 ISO
  • Updated user interface
  • Losslessly compressed RAW DNG recording support

Get the whole story here:

From PVC: Flying The 4K Blackmagic Production Camera

Flying_BMPC-3_640_457 copy

Taking the 4K in the air – review from  ProVideo Coalition’s Brian Hallett

Flying The 4K Blackmagic Production Camera

Test Flight

By Brian Hallett | March 23, 2014

From PVC: First Look: The 4K Blackmagic Production Camera

BMPC_BDH-5_640_427 copy

This is an awesome first look review of the Blackmagic 4K from Brian Hallett of